Mud Advice: Adam Cianciarulo

Advice to follow when in the rain

Whenever professionals partake in a mud race, it is always interesting. The greatest riders in the world are reduced to looking like weekend warriors. It is also a great opportunity to learn though! It is inevitable that all riders will have to partake in some very, very wet races each year and it can often lead to headaches. Is the bike going to withstand the pressure that comes with that? Is there something that you can do to help? Should you just ride like normal and hope for the best?

Interestingly, the eventual 250SX winner Adam Cianciarulo provided some invaluable advice when the fifth round of Monster Energy Supercross concluded. What are the rules that he feels that all riders should try to follow in the mud? "I smoked a clutch last year in Seattle in like four laps. I learnt, for one, to go one tooth up on the sprocket always when it's wet," he explained. "I don't use first gear a lot, so for me I have to use first a lot more than I normally do. You see me rolling back the clutch to put more play in it. I had a bit of a gap the whole time, so I was doing that a lot. I was being super disciplined about going down to first more. I usually lug it in second and feather the clutch, especially in the tight corners with super deep ruts."

Those points are easy for everyone to adhere to and really do apply. Weekend warriors across the globe typically race on tight tracks that involve deep ruts, so try to apply those tips the next time that you hit the track. It worked for Adam Cianciarulo. Why would it not help you too?

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