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Lighting options for your bike

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If you like to do trail riding, or if you want to make your dirt bike street legal, it is a necessity to have a front light and a tail light. Along with the standard lights from the manufacturer, there are many options to improve your lighting systems such as adding more lights to your bike or installing the proper equipment to convert your standard motocross bike into having a fully operating lighting system with an on/off switch.

24MX has all of your lightning needs covered for this conversion from lights to battery packs and regulators. We also have a wide range of lighting options from LED lights, bulbs, headlights, taillights, helmet lights, ignition for lighting, coloured lenses, on/off switches, extra LED light bars, battery chargers and much more! We decided to list a few of our favourite lighting products if you are looking to replace lights, improve lighting, convert your bike or add colour to your lights.

V-Face Front Lamp. Click here.

Universal Brackets allow the light to fit on all bikes on the market. Attaches by using the heaving rubber straps supplied that simply fasten around the fork legs. Learn more on the link above.

Acerbis P113 Taillight. Click here.

Brake light is built with coloured glass and is easily connected to the hoist with the supplied cables. The lamp is also E-marked with high quality. Universal that fits most bikes on the market. Learn more on the link above.

Trailtech Handlebar On-Of Switch. Click here.

This rocker style toggle switch features internals custom designed by Trail Tech for extremely stable and smooth operation. Learn more on the link above.

Strands LED Extra Lights 18W. Click here.

Wide light with six diodes. The six diodes produce powerful light. Easy to mount and perfect for mounting on your handlebar! Learn more on the link above.

Acerbis Diamond Headlight Lenses. Click here.

Spare coloured lenses for your headlight. Simple and inexpensive way to add colour to your bike. Learn more on the link above!

Universal Regulator 150W. Click here.

150 watt full wave regulator – rectifier for DC electrical systems. Built-in relay activates 12V DC output line only when the engine is running, with adjustable shut-off delay. Wire connectors for use with all machines are included.

There are many great and affordable options at 24MX. If you are in need of upgrading your lighting or looking for replacements, head over and give these options a look.

Shop for more parts for your bike. Click here.

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