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Supermoto is a relatively new style of racing and riding. It is different in a lot of ways, so we thought it would be helpful to give some tips to those who are new to riding supermoto or even looking into it. These are great tips from a experienced racer that help make you faster and more efficient when out on the track.

Point #1: Front-End

Supermoto is definitely different than your average sports-bike and if you are used to a sports-bike then you are used to the feeling of trying to put lots of weight on your front tyre. The tyre is pretty close to you so you feel pretty connected. Not so much in supermoto, however, as that front-end is going to feel like it's a mile away. If you are feeling a bit uneasy or lacking confidence in your front tyre, you would not be the first. I will tell you that if you want to ride or race supermoto, you are going to have to overcome that fear as soon as possible.

Point #2: Braking

It's no surprise that this is different as well. In supermoto it is all about late braking. It is best to practice braking later and later, really test your boundaries until you find your sweet spot. You'll see that most speed on the track comes from how late you can brake, corner speed and how early you can get on the gas rather than from horsepower. If you are coming from dirt, the bike will feel familiar. The biggest adjustment you'll need to make is shifting your braking to the front brake. You'll be using almost completely the front brake heading into turns.

Point #3: Gearing

Gearing is something riders tend to shy away from when they are used to a different style of riding. It is important to be patient with yourself and remember that practice makes perfect. Once you go up two teeth on your counter sprocket suddenly the bikes are capable of comfortably cruising at freeway speeds. Sprockets are cheap and make a huge difference in the performance and lifespan of your supermoto bike.

Point #4: Steering

If you look at a supermoto professional mid-turn they are practically sitting on the upper side of the bike and pushing the inside bar down. You have got tons of leverage with those big bars, use it and counter steering to flick the bike from corner to corner. Don't be afraid of your steering but also give yourself time and practice adjusting to a completely new style of riding.

Point #5: Shifting

The best advice is to remember to get off the gas before you upshift and, as mentioned before, supermoto bikes brake better than most bikes that you are used to riding. Unlike a sports-bike at speed, supermoto bikes can brake much faster.

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