Scrub Anatomy: Tim Gajser

Try to scrub like Tim Gajser

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The recent MXGP of Germany at Teutschenthal gave us an opportunity to check out the fabled ‘hill' where Tim Gajser once did this…

We took the opportunity to check out Tim's scrubbing ourselves so that we could bring you this feature. The premise is simple: Time in the air? Slow. Time on the ground with the throttle open? Quick.  Therefore the scrub is an important technique to harnessing quicker lap times. There are many different ways to scrub a motocross bike and it is primarily dependant on rider size and athleticism, but the fundamentals remain the same. Here they are:

Step #1: The Approach

Instead of jumping, like you would on a traditional jump, the important move is to shift your weight to one side whilst maintaining a straight line approach to the jump. The result is that the rear suspension will deflect out the opposite way rather than ‘up' as it would on a traditional jump.  Having the suspension rebound ‘out' rather than ‘up' allows you to stay lower to the face of the jump and get the bike back onto the landing quicker.

Where Tim differs from many riders, however, is just how early he manages to get air and begin the scrub. You can see the bike is fully airborne two bike lengths before the lip of the jump, allowing him to stay even lower to the apex of the jump.

Step #2: Mid-Air

Right as Tim approaches the lip of the jump, you may notice the bars turn and the front-end turns down. This maintains the giro effect and keeps the bike turning, allowing you to stay closer to the track and get the wheels down on the ground quicker.

Here you can clearly see the bars are nearly fully locked down at the point the bike crosses the lip of the jump. It is important to maintain the bars turned down until the giro effect allows the bike to land correctly, straightening the bars too early can unsettle the bike and result in you ‘swapping out' upon landing.

You'll notice at this point Tim's bike is perfectly horizontal at the exact mid point of the jump. The front-end of the bike is turned down, ready to receive the landing, and Tim's posture is perfectly aligned to ensure his head is straight and able to judge the landing point… All whilst only 25 inches from the ground. Pretty impressive stuff!

The remainder of the sequence is somewhat for show really as Tim styles out the scrub, he had slightly over-rotated on his turn-down in order to keep low but due to the sharp drop on the face of the landing he has to over compensate slightly and turn the bars in the opposite direction, making sure his contact with the landing is straight and he can then attack the next corner.

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