Poll: Selecting A 450F

Choose a new 450F

There are many options for riders across the globe nowadays, especially when it comes to what picking a motorcycle to purchase. Gone are the days of one manufacturer being dominant or putting out a superior product. It is possible for the best rider to win on any colour, which adds to the excitement levels and also makes the process of purchasing a new steed a lot more taxing.

What 2019 450F would you choose, if you could pick up a new one today? The KTM and Husqvarna models always receive positive reviews, as does the extremely powerful Yamaha, but then Kawasaki have been making waves with the all-new KX450 as well. Who can forget the recently-revamped Honda or universally-liked Suzuki too? See, there are so many options out there! Choose the bike that you want in the poll below and then remember to let us know why that choice was made on social media. It would be great to hear what attracts each individual to a certain manufacturer.

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