Top Tips: Why Supermoto?

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Ever get the feeling that it is time to try something new? Maybe you enjoy riding on the dirt and on the road or maybe you are just looking for a new challenge? Either way, the sport of supermoto may be for you! Supermoto began in France and is a racing style that combines the elements of a dirt track with a road track. The track will feature tight and twisty paved kart tracks with dirt sections comprised of jumps and bermed corners, giving the rider a taste of both styles of racing.

To be able to take full advantage of the track, a supermoto bike can handle sharp turns and also features sticky tyres to stay upright on the dirt. These specialised bikes differ from a normal dirt bike or street bike though. They seventeen-inch tyres, stickier rubber, oversized front rotor brakes and inverted front forks. With the increasing popularity of supermoto, we decided to put a list together of reasons to give it a try!

1) Supermoto bikes give you the versatility to ride wherever you please. Dirt, street or on trails… The bike will perform and keep you stoked and continue adventuring. It's an all-in-one bike.

2) Unlike dirt-bike tyres that may need to be changed every three-to-six motos, a supermoto tyre could last you an entire season. Along with tyres, the cost of track time is less expensive than the cost of a road-bike track. That allows your money to go further and ensures you can spend more time riding for less.

3) If you ever wished you could ride straight from your garage to the track, then back into your garage? Well, with a supermoto bike you can! If you buy the bike from a manufacturer or build your own to meet the requirements of noise and emission regulations, this will give you the freedom to take your bike on roads, tracks, and trails.

4) Add up the cheaper bikes, maintenance and track costs then it becomes abundantly clear that it is much easier to get started in supermoto than other discipline. Get a taste of racing for a fraction of the price.

5) If you have ever crashed a street bike, you know the monetary consequences that come with it. With a supermoto bike, it is more similar to the construction of a dirt bike meaning it will take crashes well. After a crash, a quick glance over to check if the bike is still rideable will be enough to determine the severity and get you back on the track.

6) With a new form of racing comes a new set of gear. We love the versatility of supermoto gear and we picked a couple of our favourites for you to check out! Take a look at the best options on this link.

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