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For all of us who have ever owned a car, we know the importance of an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles to keep the engine from severe, and costly, damage. Like a car, dirt bike fluids need to be monitored closely and changed more frequently to ensure high performance and protect the bike from taking on serious damage. We put together some guidelines to keep your bike running at top performance today, and well into the future.

Types of Engine Oil

There are a few different types of oil your bike needs: Engine oil, transmission oil, and air-filter oil. It is important to regularly change your bikes oil, because over time heat and pressure can break down oil, leaving your engine vulnerable to heat build-up and performance loss. We recommend consulting your owner's manual to find out which oil is compatible with your bike's engine. Here are a few of our favourites…

A9 2T Racing Semi Synthetic 1L Engine Oil: A two-stroke engine oil with a mixture of mineral and synthetic oils, contribute to high durability, reduced friction and optimal performance.

A9 Racing Oil Optimised for Yamaha 4-Stroke 4L: Four-litre high quality engine oil that is suitable for Yamaha four-stroke motocross bikes;

A9 Racing Oil Optimised for Husqvarna 4-Stroke 4L: A semi-synthetic four-stroke oil specially formulated for Husqvarna engines. Ensures faster acceleration and power at higher speeds, wear protection and improved function for the clutch and transmission.

A9 Racing Gearbox 1L Transmission Oil: 75W-140 Gearbox Transmission Oil is a synthetic blend formulated to reduce friction and provide comfortable gear change at high temperatures.

A9 Racing 1L Air Filter Oil: Synthetic air filter oil for your rubberised foam filter. Adheres powerfully to the filter, which ensures thorough air flow and purification.

Maintenance Recommendations

The type of riding you do will determine how often to change your oil. Some recommend changing the oil after every ride, while others say every eight to ten hours of riding time. If you race competitively we recommend a change every three to five races and, to receive max performance out of your bike, changing your oil after every race may be the best plan of action.

What should you be on the look out for? When you first pour engine oil into your bike you will notice it has a clear color. Once the oil starts to gray, it is becoming dirty and a change is needed in the near future. When the oil turns black, it is old and dirty and needs to be changed immediately. If you need assistance with timing your oil changes an hour meter is a great tool for monitoring engine run time and tracking service intervals. The ProX Wireless Hour Meter is recommended.

Lastly, it is important to collect used engine oil after a change. We recommend laying a tarp down and using a drip pan to transfer to a specified storage container. Store the used engine oil in a cool place and recycle engine oil to a local auto-parts store.

Recommendation for Oil Recycling

R-Tech Waste Oil Container: A robust waste oil container of sturdy plastic with a handle for easy carry when bringing to recycle centre.

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