Top Tips: Changing Tyres

Get the most out of your tyres

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If you are like us then you want to get the most out of every aspect of your bike, including the tyres. Understanding when it is time to change your tyres is instrumental to performance, as well as your safety. In this feature we will explain how to identify the correct time to change your tires, as well as give you some ideas to increase the longevity of your tires.

When to Change Tires

Lugs: The quickest way to recognise your tyre is in need of a change is by examining the lugs. A lug is a squared off part of your tyre and when these become rounded, aka balding, your tyre will lose traction and you will begin to slide on your turns, instead of the tyre gripping the dirt. Also, lugs can sometimes get ripped off a tire. If this happens your tire will still be able to be ridden on but there is a higher chance of a hole forming on the tire itself.

Discolouration: When a tyre begins to age it can turn from black to grey. This colour change signifies the rubber is losing its rubberiness, for lack of better term, so when this happens your tyre will not be as responsive to bumps and impacts, which can lead to cracking of the rubber. Discolouration is a sign to get a new set of tyres.

Age: Tyres should be changed roughly after a dozen rides and should never be stored in the sun or on soggy terrain. Riding on tyres longer than recommended and using bad storage will quickly age the tires, leading to cracks and discolouration. Also, if you do not ride frequently, a good rule of thumb is tyres should be changed after a year.

In the expensive world maintenance can become costly with engine oils, gear and tyres. Learning how to change your tyres is an easy way to save money and take maintenance into your own hands. Using a tire machine can aid in this process and is recommended for smoother tire changes and limiting damage to tire rims. We recommend this ProWorks Tyre Machine. It is a stable and robust model that features rubber upholstered surfaces that will not scratch the rim. It is possible to adjust it for use with all motocross tyres between 16-21 inches, which is extremely important, and it can be operated by foot. There are countless positives, as that video below shows.

First, having proper inflation will increase the life of your tyres. Depending on the track compound and whether running a high or low PSI will result in increased longevity or premature wear. It is imperative to understand the recommended pressure for optimised performance and longevity. Squaring off your lugs is another option. Keeping your lugs square will increase the traction of your tyres for longer and give you the performance you desire while extending the life of your tyre.

Lastly, choosing the correct tyre for the terrain will keep them lasting longer. Knowing before you go is the age old statement and it applies to tyres just as well. What tyre do you need? Shop around using the link below.

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