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Keeping you hydrated!

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Not just in the sport of motorcycles, but the sport of life, you always want to stay hydrated. When performing in any sport that demands a lot and exerts a lot of energy, it's crucial to stay hydrated. Water in itself is a performance enhancer, as when you are properly hydrated you innately perform better. Heat exhaustion, chronic fatigue and cramping can all be minimized by just drinking water. With summer here, we want to make sure you are staying hydrated out there. Here are some of our favourites…

Acerbis X Storm Backpack (Click Here)

The Acerbis X Storm Backpack fits a 2.5 litres hydration system as well as 14.5 litres of luggage capacity for anything else you want to carry with you. In other words, it is a perfect combo that will allow you to carry the most essential stuff in your backpack whilst you are out riding off track for example. It also has special compartments for equipment, such as polygrip and chisel. It fits comfortably on your back thanks to the straps around your waist and chest.

Fox Convoy Hydration Pack (Click Here)

Be prepared for anything and keep all of your essentials at hand with the Fox Convoy Hydration Pack. This bag is the ultimate hydration pack for long days on the bike. With a large storage capacity, it has room for all your essentials and more. A dedicated tool storage pocket will have you fixing trail bike mechanical with pit-crew-like speed and the array of accessory pockets will help you navigate the bag with ease. For climbs that lead to aggressive downhill runs, we incorporated a strap to store your full face lid so that you can enjoy the downtime to its fullest.

24MX 2.5L Hydration System (Click Here)

Developed for those who want to keep the fluid level without having to be reminded that you actually have something clamped around the body. There are also two flexible pockets for keys or mobile phones on this hydration system, so convenience was kept in mind when this was designed. Carry the necessities as well as water. Smart velcro buckles make the fluid system sit perfectly around the body without inhibiting your mobility too. Through the good fit and the good adjustment possibilities, the same model fits all body shapes and ensures that the fluid system sits close to the body without the possibility of moving while riding.

Leatt GPX Race HF 2.0 Hydration System (Click Here)

The lightest and most flexible hydration system on the market! The latest Leatt hydration system allows you to keep your hands free during a race and fits easily under the body protection. The fluid system is not even noticeable, because of its slim design, and you can instead focus on your target in sight. The straps are easy to maneuver and can be adjusted into any size, in order to get an as accurate a fit as possible. The built-in fluid bag holds two litres and is replaceable. The smooth (HHF) system allows for the hose to easily connect to the helmet. Certainly one of the best hydration systems on the market.

USWE Tanker Hydration System 16L (Click Here)

The USWE Tanker is a backpack that will not disappoint you. This is virtually glued to your back, no matter how bumpy it is. This is possible thanks to its unique (and patented) four-point system. The back is lined with a wicking mesh fabric that helps keep you cool. Inside the bag is also a water-resistant mobile phone pocket, which is obviously a convenient tool. Keeping a mobile phone handy during a ride is virtually impossible otherwise! This can carry sixteen litres of water.

Shop for hydration pack. Click here.

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