Top Tips: Theft Prevention

Simple, yet extremely important

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You know how the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry! When it comes to one of your most prized possession, the saying stands true. You do not want to be the person who gets their bike stolen from their truck, house or even at the track. Even if you are just walking away for a short period of time, you truly don't know what could happen.

Like your car or any other valuable that can be easily stolen if left unsecured, locking your dirt bike is of utmost priority. Unlike a car though, a dirt bike doesn't have a key and, until technology finds a way to "match" your kickstart footprint to your bike, anyone can ride off with your dirt bike. Here are some basic tips to help keep your dirt bike safe…

#1: Keep It Close

When you are unable to lock your bike, then always keep it within eye distance. Whether it's in the truck or on the ground, practicing safe protocol will ensure your bikes safety. This important safety measure isn't just important at the track. If you are washing or working on your bike in the garage or around the house, you want to make sure you are always close by. If you have a dirt bike, it doesn't take long for neighbours or thieves to find out. Never underestimate their patience and their ability to wait for the opportune moment. This comes from experience.

#2: Lock It Up

If you are walking away or even staying put it's always a good idea to LOCK IT UP. Lock your dirt bike up on the trailer, in the back of the truck, even in your garage. There are a ton of lock type that will help keep your dirt bike safe and decrease the chance of someone trying to steal it. Here are some of our favorites.

Oxford Boss Chain: Strong and approved chain from Oxford. Made of 11mm hardened steel and coated with a thick nylon stocking to protect when you lock.

ABUS PadlockUniversal Brass Padlock with hardened steel shackle. Available in different sizes.

– SXP Class 3 Disc Brake LockApproved disc brake lock from SXP. The lock housing is made of a hardened steel and treated to handle sawing, drilling and cutting. Lock bolt is 13.5mm.

#3: Get Insurance

Like any of your valuable that are worth a lot, you want to protect them for worst case scenario. Although it won't prevent it from being stolen, it will make you feel better knowing that its not potentially a total loss. Insure the bike for theft and if the worst case scenario happens, at least you can start over with help from insurance money. Always keep the paperwork on your bike and know the VIN. In the event your dirt bike is stolen, you'll want to provide law enforcement all necessary information to help them recover your bike.

We hope that this article well help you think twice next time you leave your bike or walk away. Safety first, even when it comes to the protection of your dirtbike.

More lock options for your motorcycle. Click here.

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