Top Tips: Fork Maintenance

Know how to treat your forks

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Change Your Forks

Fork oil is not a very talked about subject when it comes to over dirt bike maintenance or routine and, because of that, it is often overlooked. Don't be the person who doesn't do it until the seals leak, that will cost you a lot more than if you would of just been proactive. The best way to change your forks is by following the manufactures recommended intervals. If you don't have the information, searching online is a great place to find YouTube tutorials and recommendations.

Change Your Fork Bushings

Bushings and seals to forks are like sprockets to a chain. When you change one, you change them all. Riders often replace the seals and oil without new bushings then shortly after the seals leak, because the old bushings cause the new seals to oval out quicker. Do it right the first time and you'll experience less frustration and longer suspension life. You want to make sure that you schedule fork changes and understand the basic wear and tear that you are putting on your bike.

To help you with your fork changing and oil needs we put together a list of some of our favorites! Embrace the information below and make an educated pick.

Fork Oils

Motul Light Factory 5W 1L Fork Oil Fully Synthetic: Hydraulic oil from Motul adapted for all types of front forks and developed to meet the highest performance and durability for both road and off-road. The oil is 100% synthetic.

Maxima Standard ForkOil 1L: Semi-synthetic fork oil with high quality and high viscosity index. Contains special additives to control foaming, oxidation, rust and corrosion and is easy on the fork seals. Fork oil reduces friction and provides a smoother front fork.

Ipone Monoshock Fluid Semi-Sythentic Shork Absorber Oil: Ipone has developed the best semi-synthetic shock absorber oil that provides a low friction and improves the suspension ability! The monoshock fluid is a semi-synthetic shock absorber oil for the rear shock.

Fork Parts

– Twenty Fork Bleeders: It removes the excess pressure in the fork leaving you to focus on the racing. Easy to install. Simply replace the standard bleeder screw with the fork bleeder. One of the easiest bolt-on upgrades you can make to your forks. Sold in packs of two.

– Fork Seal Skins: Prevents dirt and water from entering the fork seals. Made of 4mm thick neoprene with fabric cover, very resilient and attractive material. Attach onto your fork with sewn-on Velcro of the highest quality and with the supplied cable ties.

– Booster Front Fork Sensor: These rings are mounted simply on the fork legs, then it's just to ride your motorcycle as usual. When you stop, you see the ring was seated and can then determine how much your front fork springs. Simple, but very smart!

Find more of our favourite fork accessories and tools by clicking here.

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