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So, your child has shown an interest in riding a dirt bike. Great! Are you unsure about the best way to go about doing it safely?  We hear this a lot and so we thought that we would make your life easier by compiling this tutorial feature. There are a lot of intriguing titbits in here!

Firstly, getting into motocross is not difficult and need not be costly! There are many options to get your child into motocross and we'll explore a few of them here.

Get The Ball Rolling

Let's start with the simple stuff. To get started you'll need…

– The Bike: This seems obvious, but you'll need a bike and the one that you specifically need will depend on the age/size of your child. A local dealership/shop will be able to advise you on that though. Most dealerships will let you sit on a bike to test it out. Do you have a friend who rides? It is worth trying out their bikes and gathering advice from them as well.

Safety Gear: You'll need a helmet, gloves, googles and boots as a minimum. There are safety standards associated with helmets so make sure your helmet is correctly ECE rated. Costs can vary but it is possible to kit out your child from head-to-toe for less than €200. Click that link in order to do that. There are countless options of high quality, so get going! Throw some style into the mix.

– Local Tracks: In the digital age this is a lot easier to find. Check out Google for the address and opening times of your local track. Facebook is also a good place to check as many tracks will post updates on weather and track conditions. Some busier tracks will require you to pay or check in before you arrive, but most will allow you to turn up and pay on the gate when you sign in. If in doubt, just give them a call. Again, relying on advice from friends or fellow riders can be handy here. It can be a little daunting when you first arrive at the track, but rest assured every practice tracks will have age and skill-appropriate classes for each level of rider. Your child will not be riding around with adults.

All-new kit? A new bike? We realise this may already seem a little overwhelming so there is another option!  There are training schools out there that can make this so much easier.  Companies such as MX Tryout in the UK are perfect for any first timer as all you need to bring is yourself!  All equipment (including helmet, boots and the bike) are provided to you. This is a great option for children who are starting to show an interest in the sport but may not have fully caught the bug yet! It won't take much for them to fully invest though, so be warned…

What Is The Correct Age?

Well, the simple answer is as soon as they show an interest in riding! Bike manufacturers such as Yamaha make a PW50, which is designed as an entry-level model for children aged three to six-years-old. The bike offers features including an automatic engine and lightweight body meaning your child can just sit on it and twist the throttle. Most 50cc bikes can also be fitted with training wheels (stabilisers) for the younger children whose balance on a bike may still need some development. Most practice tracks will have an area dedicated to young children that will allow them to master the basics without having to worry about jumps or ruts. This is common across the globe.

The Next Step For Your Rider

If your child catches the motocross bug and wants to take things to the next level, why not join a local club and enter them into a race? There are many championships out there aimed at boys and girls of all ages and skill levels. In fact, championships such as the British Youth Championships and Dutch Masters are thriving with Auto, 65cc, 85cc, 125cc, Open and Under 21 classes. These youth-focused championships are perfect for those youngsters who are looking to progress their skills and get faster on a bike. They are also the perfect pathway for riders who are looking for sponsorship and an opportunity to race more competitively. Riders who start in these championship have used it as a gateway to progress into the world championships!

What Costs Are Expected?

Riding costs can vary but most practice tracks are around €25-40 per day.  Some will offer a discount/loyalty scheme, which can help bring costs down, whilst others will offer a discount if bought in bulk, making them an ideal Christmas or birthday present! Local clubs are a great way to meet like-minded people and annual membership can be a little as €10. Check out the website for your national governing body to find out where your local club is. This is a great first step for a lot of aspiring motocross families. Belgium (click here), Germany (click here), France (click here), Italy (click here), The Netherlands (click here), Spain (click here), Sweden (click here) and the UK (click here).

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