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A good checklist for mechanics

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Being able to perform maintenance is one of the most important aspects of riding a dirt bike. Not only will it save you money, but it will also keep you more in tune with your bike on a day-to-day basis. Understanding each little tweak and how it affects your bike's performance will keep you and your bike reaching top performance more times than not so, because of the importance of tools when it comes to maintenance, we put together a list of the top motorcycle tools we recommend to keep close by when it's time to go to the garage and work on your bike. We hope this lists leads you in the right direction to help prepare for the next maintenance session in the garage!

Tire Pressure Gauge. Click here.

It can't be understated the importance of running the proper tire pressure. This will prevent your tires from blowing out and wearing out quickly. It will also directly affect how your bike performs and grabs the dirt on the track.

Screwdriver. Click here.

Most of the basic maintenance you will do will include a screwdriver. You can buy individual screwdrivers or screwdriver sets. We also recommend hex head screwdrivers.

Ratchet and Socket Set. Click here.

Similar to the screwdriver, a good ratchet and socket set will get used quite a bit when it comes to maintenance. There are expensive sets, which contain almost every possible size and shape, while also less expensive sets with the basic sizes between 4mm and 20mm.

Allen wrench Set/T-Wrench. Click here.

It is recommend that all nuts and bolts be monitored and tightened before every time out on the track to avoid disaster. A good Allen Wrench with T-wrenches will be imperative to keep close at hand.

Pliers. Click here.

A tool that can be used in many different facets is the plier. Better than a strong pair of fingers and also multidimensional. Pliers come in different options: slip-joint, needle-nose, and locking.

Spoke Wrench. Click here.

Used to change tires are a much better option then using pliers which could ruin the spoke nipple. A good set of spoke wrenches will help you take care of your tires, from tightening and loosening, to changing tires because of different track conditions. Having a spoke wrench on hand will speed up the process and have you riding in no time.

Tire Iron. Click here.

Used to remove tires from the frame. It is an essential tool for tire changes with a tire machine, or manually.

Hammer. Click here.

Although it might sound counter intuitive to use a hammer on your bike, but a hammer will come in handy when you need to work things into place when you can't with your bare hands. Trust us, it's necessary.

Plug Wrenches. Click here.

Changing spark plugs can prove to be a challenge. Relatively inexpensive, a proper plug wrench you’ll be changing spark plugs like a pro!

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