Top Tips: Being A Spectator

Be prepared, no matter what

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Nothing beats a day at the track on a race weekend, which is why we thought we would provide you with a checklist to make sure you head to the track equipped with everything you need to make the most of the experience. Here is a quick guide to what we have included.

1) Firstly, the essentials, you won't get far without a ticket for the event, so check social media to see if you need a ticket before you go or if you can purchase one on the gate.

2) Circuits usually have plenty of souvenirs, merchandise and food stands so take some cash if you are planning to visit them.  Every track offers food and drink, albeit often at higher prices. The food on offer varies greatly between circuits but generally is in the form of mobile catering vans. Most circuits don't have a problem with you bringing your own refreshments, but some are not keen on spectators bringing their own alcohol.

3) Plan your trip to the track carefully, particularly if you are going to a new venue for the first time. Motocross tracks can often be difficult to find so its best you have a local reference points to put into a Sat Nav. Most events will have signage on the roads as you approach so follow them to general admission parking and you'll be in the event in no time.

4) Think about taking something to capture your memories of the weekend with. Modern smartphones make this easy but most events will also let you take a camera so motocross really is a great sport for any budding photographers!  Once you are home and you have had a chance to edit them make sure you post them on social media and tag us in at #24MX.

5) If you are going to one of the busier races you may have to get there early to stake a claim to a good viewing spot. A folding chair can come in handy if you are staying there all day!

6) Be sure to adjust your clothing to take into account the likely weather conditions. Taking a bag with some lightweight rainwear can be a great idea when you’re watching races in winter/autumn. Don't forget the sunscreen in summer!

At the end of the last race (after the podium celebrations) it can be tempting to head for the car to try and win the ‘race' home but, let's face it, sitting in a car park for forty-five minutes is no fun so why not spend some time walking around the event and head to paddock. You would be surprised how many riders/teams are still around and only too happy to have a chat and sign some memorabilia. Alternatively, you can walk the track and see just how gnarly the conditions were!

The Motocross Spectators Checklist

The Essentials: Race tickets, food and snacks (or money to buy them at the event), ear plugs or ear protectors for young children, cash and a sat nav to get to the track. Plus…

Clothing and Weather: Umbrellas, rain coats, sun screen, sunglasses, a hat, motocross-related t-shirts, a backpack to keep all of your loose items in and correct shoes to wear in a muddy field.

The Essential Products: Folding chair, race programme, a pen for those rider autographs, camera (worth noting that some of the larger events don't allow large lenses), spare batteries or a charging bank for your phone and a memory card.

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