Top Tips: Taking The Holeshot

Getting out of the gate well

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There's nothing worse than losing a moto before the gate drops. The start is a crucial part in the outcome of results and it starts way before you get to the gate. You want to have the confidence, mindset and skills it takes to crush your competitors. Let's get started…

When it comes to motocross there is no one single most important component to winning. There's a variety of components that make up the ultimate winner and top competitors, but we can tell you that where you start helps your overall goal of reaching that podium spot.

Gate pick is important, which is why you will see riders fiercely compete in a qualifying race. They know how important their starting position and gate placement is. It all matters and the best riders know that, but gate position doesn't guarantee you a good start. Practice, time and repetition bring you that.

Concrete Start: Concrete starts make for a less messy beginning. The most important thing about a concrete start is to make sure you, or someone who is helping you, gets rid of all the dirt, giving your dirt bike the most stability for a clean start. Even the slightest dirt or debris can make you lose your control, which in reality is what the fans love to see the most. It is important to ease into your acceleration, especially if you are new to the racing world. With practice and many races you will learn your ability to control your throttle speed and what you and your bike can handle. Once you hit the dirt then you can open up your throttle and let the racing begin.

Dirt Starts: Dirt starts are a little bit more complex. They require some level of work on your part, whether its deep ruts or a muddy thick lines filled with rock, it is up to you to make it the best that it can be. You want to protect yourself and your bike and give yourself the best opportunity for a good starting position. You can do whatever you need to do; rake, fill with dirt, pound it down etc. Find out what works for you, preferably before it is race time.

It is important to always be mindful of racing rules, track rules and the particular event you are competing in. Some events allow you to have help when prepping for your starts, others see it as in individual sport where only you can help yourself. Be mindful of this, also be mindful of the equipment and gear that you will need in order to be successful. If it is hot make you sure you bring an umbrella and water. You want to stay hydrated and relaxed before the race. You don't want to lose the race, because you weren't prepared. When it comes to race day, preparation is half the battle.

Every race and every track is different. Make sure to do you due diligence. Your dedication to win the race before the start will not only make you a better rider, it will make you a better competitor at everything you do.

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