Top Tips: Cooper Webb

Insight into the Aldon Baker camp

There are countless successful training camps that professional riders across the globe use to refine their craft, but there is one that attracts a lot more attention than the others: The Baker's Factory. The newest recruit, Cooper Webb, offered up insight into the limits that are pushed at the private facility in Florida in a recent interview.

Webb admitted on the PulpMX Show that he never used to push himself in practice when he was a Yamaha pilot. Instead, he would remain in his comfort zone and then turn up the heat when it was time to go racing. The strategy was not going to fly under the guidance of Aldon Baker though. "I think the biggest thing is the practicing,he said on the show. "Until this year, I have practiced at 70%-80% my whole career. On race day I just step it up. I ride to my potential.

"When I got there, I was getting absolutely smoked. He could not believe it and was like, "Dude, what are you doing? You are three seconds a lap off on our freaking supercross track. What are you doing?" I just told them, "Don't worry. Once I get to the race I'll be good." He was like, "No. That is not the way it is going to be. You need to practice hard and race hard. That was a big adjustment, even for myself," he concluded.

It is such a simple point to consider when practicing at any level, yet one that so many choose to ignore. Pushing your limits in practice is the best way to raise the bar. It can be hard to do that, admittedly, as there is not exactly an end goal at a practice crash nor is there a rabbit to chase. Uncovering a way to force the issue like that is undoubtedly the key to reaching a completely different level with your riding though. Why not try it?

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