Top Five: Family Day Out

Essentials for a riding family

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Annemarie Kenyeres, or @LittleMissMoto261 on Instagram, explains how to pack for a family of three for a day out riding.  When the whole family rides, it takes a lot of planning to make sure the day goes smoothly and everyone gets what they need from the day. With so many things to think about, it is easy to overlook the little things that keep the day or weekend running like clockwork.

A 24MX Gear Bag (Click Here)

Having a gear bag that fits everything that a family of three will need for a weekend of riding is impossible. They literally do not come in that sort of size, but the 24MX gear bag comes pretty close. Mum, Dad and son ride in our family. When we pack for the weekend we easily fit six gear sets, two sets of knee braces, a kid's helmet, all of our gloves, our elbow pads and our son's knee pads with a little extra room to spare. On top of that, the 24MX helmet bags are the perfect solution for keeping the other helmets out of trouble in the van. It all helps!

100% Goggle Case (Click Here)

Keeping your goggles fresh and scratch-free is imperative. We have two 24MX goggle cases to fit a set of Raven Edge goggles for each of us, as well as a set each of Raven roll offs for the wet weather. There is also some extra room for a spare set, some spare lenses and roll-off film. The end pocket of the gear bag is the perfect size for a 24MX goggle case and if you have two like us, the other fits in the gear bag with the rest of our stuff. The mind boggles at the amount of hassle we would have without these 24MX items. One thing is certain though: A lot of our products would be either lost or damaged!

24MX Wash Bag (Click Here)

A dirty wash bag is essential, especially when you are packed for two days riding. 24MX do an XL one, which is plenty big enough to hold gear for four people after two days of riding! There is obviously a lot of washing to do for a family of three and inevitably that job will fall onto the shoulders of one person. It is a thankless job, one that no one wants to do, but by collecting everything in one bag it eliminates the time that it would take to locate everything. It stops everything from getting lost too, which has been a common theme here, but it can be a serious issue with so many riders in one family!

Proworks Heavy Duty Mechanic Stand (Click Here)
Proworks Solid Mechanic Stand (Click Here)

I am quite small and lifting the bike is a struggle, admittedly, so I prefer the Proworks Heavy Duty Mechanic Stand! This is easy to place and lifts the bike easily when you stand on the lever. My partner prefers the Proworks Solid Mechanic Stand, so this will be down to your own personal preference. The latter is more of a traditional model and comes in various colours, so there is more personal preference involved. However, then again, there is also some variety involved with the heavy-duty model.

24MX Premium Race Mat (Click Here)

We love our 24MX Race Mat and it really comes in handy when working under the bikes. These soak up a litre of oil if you are unfortunate enough to have a spill and they are a life saver on gravel and stony paddocks.  We have a separate one that our dog loves to sleep on, on those nice summer days! Talk about multi-purpose! These are also ideal for changing on, if the weather is not co-operating or you simply do not want to place clothes in the dirt.

Shop for spare motocross parts. Click here for 20% off.

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