Focus: Proworks Garage Stool

A handy tool for mechanics

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Make: ProWorks.

Model: Proworks Garage Stool.

Available Colours: Black, Blue and Red.

Recommended Price: €49.99 €29.99 (Save 40%).

Suitable For: All grease monkeys across the globe!


– 5 wheels with multi-directional bearings for added stability.

– Synthetic material, providing a durable, hard wearing seat.

– Adjustment lever allowing the stool to raise up and down.

Comment: A must-have for any garage, the Proworks Garage Stool is a versatile product that is hard wearing and well-constructed. The seat height is adjustable by 10cm (between 42-52cm) allowing you to easily work on any size of bike, whilst the padded seat makes the stool comfortable enough to complete those long days working in the garage! 

The bearings on the wheels are well constructed ensuring easy movement under considerable weight and the tray that connects the stool to the wheels is ideal for carrying all the tools you'll need to fix that bike! The ProWorks Garage Stool provides fantastic value for money and will save your back whilst you complete that much needed bike project!

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