Cole Seely: 450L Build

A very professional bike build

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Bike builds are an intriguing concept on many levels. The videos that are shared by those with projects are both enlightening and entertaining, for both weekend warriors and professionals alike, but it is rare for something to unite such a wide variety of people. What is it that attracts people to builds such as this? One can pull ideas from the clips, discover ideas that can be applied to personal projects and see just how much technology can be pushed.

Even professional riders, like Honda HRC rider Cole Seely, have an interest in all of the above. Seely, who races a CRF450RW on a weekly basis, has opted to build his own 450L. That alone proves that these elite stars are much like the rest of us: They want to ride and be around bikes, no matter their purpose. Anyway, how is his side project coming along? The latest progress is charted in the YouTube video below.

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