Focus: EVS Axis Knee Protection

Remember, protect your knees!

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Make: EVS

Model: Axis Pro Knee Protection

Recommended Price: €359.99

Available Colours: Black, white and red.

Suitable For: Adult riders who want to keep their knees safe.


– Sharkskin neoprene liners.

– Compression comfort cuff.

– Synthetic leather modular straps.

– Carbon fibre upper and lower cuffs.

– Adjustable hyperextension lockouts.

– Dual Defense full coverage knee cup.

– Patented Tru-Motion 2.0 anatomically correct hinges.

Comment: Those who are eager to protect their knees can choose between two products: Knee pads and knee braces. What is the benefit of investing in knee braces? The many features that are listed above effectively answer that. A knee brace is much more complex and can therefore protect those who are beginning to push the limits on their motorcycle. A knee pad is suitable for someone who is rolling around and is not in danger of dabbing their leg, but there is still a much higher level of risk. Think about how important knees are in life, no matter if you are riding or working. That question alone should give a lot of you food for thought.

What about the EVS Axis Pro knee brace features industry-first aluminium and carbon fire construction. The aluminium hinge design allows for a low-profile structure, which results in a comfortable and lightweight brace that is also rigid. Those are key components. The reinforced aluminium hinges provides superior impact protection and stable knee support. That is certainly a level of protection that you would not find on regular knee pads.

Buy EVS Axis Pro knee braces. Click here.

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