Focus: Airoh Aviator 2.2 RACR•

A look at a special Airoh helmet

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Make: Airoh

Model: Aviator 2.2 RACR•

Recommended Price: €589.99 €530.99 (Save 10%).

Available Colours: The RACR• model is available in black and white gloss.

Suitable For: Adult riders who are big fans of Antonio Cairoli's RACR• brand.

Available Sizes: Small (55-56cm), Medium (57-58cm), Large (59-60cm) and X-Large (61-62cm).


– Double-D button closure.

– Dust filter in the air intakes.

– Specially designed bracket for GoPro camera.

– Updated chin protection, ventilation and helmet peak.

– Better fit with goggles and larger field of vision than Aviator 2.1.

– Protection for air intakes during muddy and rainy riding conditions.

Comment: Antonio Cairoli and his wife, Jill, have really taken the industry by storm with their RACR• brand, so it is hardly surprising that Airoh have teamed up with their long-time rider to create the Aviator 2.2 RACR helmet. This is the perfect way to have a product that is rather unique and also show support for the nine-time world champion. Airoh are world-renowned for their quality, which is highlighted in the extensive list of features above this text, but there is also some more information to note.

Did you know that the Aviator 2.2 is available in three different shell sizes that consist of carbon and aramid fibre? That combination is lightweight and also has some excellent benefits for the safety of the rider. It is also worth noting that the helmet weighs just nine hundred and fifty grams. Unbelievable! The lightweight model will ensure that comfort is at a premium and is obviously a feature that most riders demand, especially those at the highest level. The interior is made of cutting-edge materials to offer enhanced breathability, ventilation and comfort as well. All of those facts intertwine to create one of the best helmets in the industry and a product that should certainly be on your radar.

Buy Airoh Aviator 2.2 RACR• Helmet on 24MXClick here.

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