Buy The Style: JWR YZ450F #1

Replicate an elite MXGP bike

On the back of a dominant victory at the Swedish Championship, Kevin Strijbos kindly invited us to check out his JWR YZ450F.  Here we break the parts that make Kevin's bike a title contender down, so that you can replicate his style. Stay tuned for more ‘Buy The Style' features on JWR Yamaha in the coming weeks.

Wheels & Hubs: Talon Excel Takasago 

The aluminium rim Excel Takasago, by Talon Engineering, is among the absolute best you can get!  The material is a specially mixed aluminium called "7050". There have been more motocross and re-competitions on Excel rims than all competing brands together, so it's not without reason they are mounted on most motocross bikes.

Seat Cover: One Gripper

OneGripper is a revolutionary seat cover for motocross and enduro. The seat cover is tested by some of the world's best motocross and enduro riders. OneGripper has gone through some of the most extreme tests with this cover. OneGripper guarantees extreme grip in all weather, maximum durability, completely waterproof and supreme feel on the motorcycle.

Clutch: ProX Clutch Kit

The ProX clutch kit contains a complete kit for the renovation of your clutch. You get friction discs, steel plates and a set of clutch springs. The JWR mechanics find this to be the easiest and best replacement kit for Kevin's bike, because the ProX clutch friction and steel plates are manufactured by the leading OEM factories in Japan to exact OEM specifications and offer maximum performance and durability.

Air Filter: TwinAir Pre-Oiled BIO Air Filter

TwinAir is the world's largest manufacturer of air filters. Used by more professional teams than all other manufacturers combined.  Designed to easily replace the original air filter, TwinAir air filters have double walls to effectively prevent dirt from entering the carburettor and to create maximum engine power.

Racing Oils and Lubricants: A9 Racing Oils

A9 Racing Oils and lubricants feature heavily in the JWR workshop and rig during race weekends, allowing the JWR mechanics to make sure the bikes are correctly lubricated and working to their optimal performance. The All-In-One spray helps to lubricate the threads, throttle, springs, hinges, levers, footpegs, bearings etc. whilst also leaving a protective, lubricated surface that prevents squeaking and is water-resistant.

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