Focus: Dragon NFX2 Goggles

Get clear vision on the track

Buy Dragon NFX2 goggles on 24MX. Click here.

Make: Dragon

Model: NFX2 Goggles

Recommended Price: €129.99 €89.99 (Save 31%).

Available Colours: View the countless styles and designs on here.

Suitable For: Riders of all ages who want new googles that will not break the bank!


– Dragons patented frameless technology.

– Spikes that can hold up to 28 tear-offs.

– Super anti-fog treated Lexan lens.

– Removable nose protection.

– Proof ventilation to stop the dirt that clogs the ventilation.

– Durable, shock resistant frame in polyurethane.

– Layered foam with micro-fleece for comfort.

– Removable wings/outriggers.

– Silicone on the strap for a perfect fit to the helmet.

– Scratch-resistant coating on the lens (increases longevity).

– Tear offs and lens protection included.

Comment: After some new flash googles that will not break the bank? Check out the Dragon NFX2 goggles. The back of the goggle is complete with layered foam with micro-fleece for comfort. It helps keep the goggle comfortable on your face whilst moving around whilst riding. Along the rear-helmet strap there is a grippy silicone layer, which expands with the strap to provide maximum grip to stop the strap slipping on the back of the helmet.

Now one of the best features of this goggle is the swift lock system, which allows the lens to be removed and replaced easily. Added with detachable nose protection, it makes the front of the goggle fully customisable. Finally complete with a shockproof frame to protect you from impacts and roost: This is one goggle that won't let you down.

Buy Dragon NFX2 goggles on 24MX. Click here.

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