Focus: Gaerne SG12

A closer look at Gaerne boots

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Make: Gaerne

Model: SG12 Neon-White-Yellow-Grey

Available Sizes: 41, 42, 45 and 46 currently.

Recommended Price: €599.99 €539.99 (Save 10%).

Suitable For: Anyone who wants the best protection and a professional look!

Comment: The first thing we noticed about the Gaerne boots is that they have changed up the colour scheme massively this season by making things a lot brighter with a yellow ankle body and straps. Included in the new design of the SG12s is a dual-stage pivot system, which means you have natural ankle movement whilst still having the protection and safety in the boot. On the inside of the boot you have heat protective guards to stop engine heat getting through to your legs while riding. With the anti-shock rubber sole and reinforced toe cap, as well as a rubber grip guard, there is plenty to help with keeping a solid riding position.

Buy Gaerne SG12 boots on 24MXClick here.

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