Top Tips: Training Right

How to get ready off of the bike

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We wanted to put together a sample of how to train for outdoor motocross off the track. It is essential that riders are doing things off the track to make them better as well. You have to assume that your competitor is doing all the right things. Especially in today's world where fitness, nutrition and a consistent regimen play a big part in most athlete's lifestyles.

Consistency And Nutrition

There are many factors that come into play for riders. One of these factors is your overall body weight. A certain amount of strength is required to control and manoeuvre your bike on the race track. In contrary it's also important to be light so that you can go faster and ultimately give you the speed you need to win. The balance of strength and low body mass is something that seems to be an unfailing factor in the top riders, particularly in motocross.

When To Eat?

When you are about to work out or ride, it is important that you are consuming carbohydrates at this time. This lets the glucose break down in the blood, because it is during high cardiovascular activity that it is used for your muscles and not for fat storage. It's also important that athletes are consuming enough protein throughout the day. This will help aid in the total nutrition regimen that is necessary for competing with the top athletes.

What To Eat?

We talked about the importance of carbohydrates, protein and fats. You may be asking yourself, "What food do most sport nutritionists recommend?" We broke it down into three categories and foods that would satisfy this type of dietary restrictions. Try to avoid wheat products, whole grains, corn, soy or added sugar. This can have negative influence on rider's potential health goals.


– White Rice

– Sweet Potatoes

– Vegetables

– Fruit (Limited)


– Beef

– Chicken

– Pork

– Turkey

– Eggs


– Butter

– Ghee

– Coconut

– Avocado

– Nuts

Basic Workout Plan

Riders, although on a motorised machine, are actually required to do most of the work. Constant shifting, turning, throttle control and breaking require not only skills but a lot of strength. You can increase your ability to perform at a high level by working on these muscles off the race track. Some basic training that can help improve this can be found below.

– Pull Ups

– Push Ups

– Kettle Bells

– Deadlifts

– Dumbbells

Core is always a very important when it comes to your riding potential and ability. Your core not only provides you power, but it is where your balance comes from. You can improve your core by squats, abs workouts and perfecting your oblique. Another important thing to add to your workout plan is stretching. Stretching will continue to improve your flexibility and the elasticity of your body's muscles.

To wrap things up, riders have to be committed to success on and off the track. With increasing knowledge of how to improve as a rider the competition is getting tougher and tougher each year. We hope that this information will help get you to the front of the pack!

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