Top Tips: Dos and Don'ts

Make the right moves on track

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It all starts with a good start, so you want to make sure that you do not jump the gate. Stay focused, as easy as it is to be distracted by sights and sounds, as this is important. On the starting line focus is everything. You want to have your mind right and dedicated solely to the task at hand. The most important turn you'll make all race is that first turn, so make sure it's a good one.

Eyewear is an important part of racing, but the tear offs that you are using are even more crucial. It's common to have malfunctions with roll offs and what may seem like a great idea often ends in blurred vision with one wrong move or defect. We suggest not wearing roll offs and do wear tear offs. These clear pieces of faux lenses are your savior on the motocross tracks. Practicing your tear-off removal and timing is so imperative to your race results.

Remember that you have got to add the style factor nowadays. Scrubbing a jump, not only to save time on the track, is guaranteed to make the crowd go while. Don't scrape too much boot though. It is important to perfect your scrub, so you have to be weary of the potential consequences in throwing all of your worldly cares to the bar stops.

Speaking of catching boots, be mindful of your feet through the deep ruts. Rut sizes vary from track-to-track and lap-to-lap. Catching a boot in a peg-deep rut is sure to affect your lap times and not in a good way, but worse than catching a boot is to leave the inside line open. One open inside line can cost you a spot on the podium. Line selection and body placements are essential to good results and better lap times.

In most cases we don't recommend following the crowd. We like to promote individuality, but when it comes to proper whip direction make sure that you follow the flow of scrubs and whips on specific jumps on the track. One whip in the wrong direction can cause a lot of issues that you personally do not want to be involved in, let alone the cause of.

Our last bit of advice is to practice, practice, practice. The saying holds true: Practice certainly does make perfect. Whether it is on the track or watching YouTube videos, you want to not only be an expert on the bike but an expert at the mental game of motocross. The best way to become a expert is to absorb as much information as possible, then sort through the information that will be beneficial to you. Find your own style, whilst respecting the dos and don'ts of the race track.

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