Top Tips: The Right Lens

Helping you gain clear vision

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Wherever you live, the weather guides your riding plans. From bright sunny dusty tracks to the pouring rain, you need to be prepared. Darker grey skies with low light conditions and less visibility will hamper your line of vision. Equally a really bright sunny day without the right lens could cost you an injury.

Let's get it right then, shall we?  If you have a clear line of vision by matching the right lens to the light conditions, your ride will be enhanced.  We have a guideline here on all of the Raven Edge goggle lenses which gives you an opportunity to choose between different colours to optimise your view.

Red: For stronger and brighter light. These filter blue light to increase contrast and increase depth of vision in alternating cloudiness and sunlight.

Blue Lens: For low to medium light. A convenient shade that increases the contrast in a variety of lighting conditions.

Smoke Mirror Lens: For medium to strong light. Reduces light levels with a neutral transfer of colour shades.

Yellow Lens: For flat and low light. A high-contrast lens that increases visual acuity in extremely flat and low light.  This means if you wear this lens it will sharpen and brighten up your view.

Clear Lens: When it is less sunny, but you don't need an enhancing lens like the yellow one. This does what it says on the tin.  Clear for clear vision. Let's the highest light drop for a correct and neutral transfer of colour shades.

Silver Mirror Lens: Protects you from strong sunlight. Wear this on the brightest day and the mirror should reflect light away.  Summertime calls for these!

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