Top Tips: Grass Track

Try to tackle a different terrain

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The Start: Like most tracks, having a good start has its advantage and grass tracks are no exception. Getting a good start is even more imperative on grassy terrains. Most grass track starts will feature an elastic-band start, where the band snaps from the middle outwards on each side. Most of the time, however, you will find the usual self-penalising rearward falling motocross gates. It is important to practice on both so you are ready for either. Practicing your starts is such an important part of racing that most riders fail to focus on. They want to focus on the fun part of racing like jumps and turns. To be a winner you have to put the time in on all aspects of the race track.

Flat Turns: Flat turns are not what most riders are used to seeing, especially in the early part of the day, the majority of turns on a grass track will be flat. You want to focus on finishing your braking in the standing position before the turn. Keep your weight to the outside of the bike once seated, weight the outside peg and keep your vision towards the exit of the turn. A nice smooth throttle around the turn will have you ready to click gears down the next straight. Making sure that you are successfully in your turns will be more beneficial than you think when it comes to your race results.

Line Selection: Line selection is the ultimate racing task. The problem with line selection is that there is no right line. The line that is best can change from rider to rider. It can also change from lap to lap and, as the race goes on, the track begins to change. Riders begin to get tired. Lappers begin to pile up. The important thing is finding the perfect line the entire race. Being able to find the most efficient line is what will separate good riders from great riders and competitors from podium finishers. Study the track, the lines and the conditions all play a factor in line selection.

Arm Pump: With so much acceleration and braking, it is common to hold on tight and that leads to arm pump. Arm pump in braking bumps is not fun. One way to prevent arm pump is to drink lots of water and to stretch properly before and after riding. Massaging of the arm to increase circulation with also help and prevent arm pump.

Bike Set-Up: These tracks and races feature very little jumps, so you will want your suspension set-up softer than a standard motocross setting. You want to have your bike set-up for optimal acceleration and braking. You will consistently be doing both of those throughout the whole race. The goal for the racing is to see how well you can do both of those. You want to accelerate as fast as possible and use your brakes with ultimate precision. Who is ready to try some new terrain? Mixing up track styles will increase you skill level as a rider and a racer.

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