Focus: Hydration in Enduro

Stay hydrated in the summer

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Enduro. It's called that for a reason and that's endurance, of course! An average day can deal anything from five to eight hours riding, so of course hydration is paramount. On a warm day you would expect to be consuming around eight litres to stay on top of your hydration levels. Hydration affects alertness, can cause cramping and or dizziness and a whole host of other issues if you are not prepared.

That is where the hydration pack comes in. Talking to a few enduro riders, some tend to use a 1.5L hydration pack and will keep topping it up in the pits. You may be out for the day, with no access to top ups, though, so a bigger litre capacity option would work better. Some also double up as backpacks, so you can take food and tools. There are various size options to choose from and a range of great brands. Here are three popular hydration packs to consider investing in this summer.

24MX 2.5L Hydration System (€34.99 €29.99): This 24MX 2.5L hydration pack is great if you are at one site or event and can refuel regularly. It's not too big to slow you down and has two handy pockets for keys or a mobile phone. Smart velcro straps allows the fluid system to fit perfectly around the body without hampering your movements and to ensure the fluid distribution is on point.

Acerbis Acqua Backpack and Hydration System (€69.99): This pack from Acerbis allows you to carry tools too. The bag has a capacity of 5L. With 2L fluid, the rest of the volume can be used for the most important tools that can fit in a separate compartment with holders for you to easily find them. This is a multi-function complete day out pack that is comfortable to wear and sits firmly in place with the shoulder straps and waist belt.

USWE Tanker Hydration System 16L Black (€119.99 €82.99): A decent size for a full day out and no matter how rough the ride is, it should stay close to your form thanks to its four-point system. Features: 16 litres total volume, shock-absorbing shoulder strap, two-part compartments for better arrangement and a patent-pending strapless design.

Buy hydration packs on 24MX. Click here.

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