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It's one thing to ride good, but it's another thing to look good! Every motocross rider wants look sharp and have that gear or accessory that makes everyone else stop and look. With all the great apparel and motocross-related brands out on the market, there is no shortage of stunning products out there for you to pick from. Hopefully this article will help narrow down your options in selecting that next product that's going to take your look to the next level. The following items caught our attention and are must haves for 2019.

First product to showcase is the Oakley Airbrake MX Goggle. Now goggles alone are an extremely important piece of equipment for your eye's safety. No one wants a big bit of roost coming off the back of someone's tire and straight into your eyes. For the most part, any brand of goggle you get will be good for your safety. The Oakley Airbrakes take style and safety to another level though! Oakley use Prism lens technology, which contain proprietary Plutonite, so it can be highly impact resistant and also block out one-hundred percent of the sun's UV rays. A very high tech and stylish piece of equipment for any motocross rider.

The second product we want to highlight is the Gaerne SG-12 boots. A good pair of riding boots are supposed to absorb and hit your foot might take whilst also keeping a rigid form to prevent any injuries. Gaerne know all about these mechanics and show it in this boot. It contains dual-stage pivoting that creates lateral support and creates a shock absorber effect for soaking up jumps or large impacts. It also contains removable and replaceable hardware, which allows for longer boot life due to easier maintenance and also the ability to change your boot style and colour.

The final product to talk about is the Fox V3 Helmet. A helmet that is without a doubt one of the most single important pieces of equipment that we put on ourselves for riding motorcycles. It's the type of product where you want to make sure that no corners were cut trying to get it into onto the shelfs at the expense of your safety. Now with today's standards of DOT (Department of Transportation) there really isn't a bad helmet out there, but there are some that go above and beyond like the Fox V3 Helmet.

This light-weight helmet is equipped with MIPS liner and Fox's exclusive Magnetic Visor Release System, which uses magnets instead of metal hardware to attach the peak to the shell of the helmet. It's also cushioned with a moisture wicking padded liner to help keep your head feeling cool and fresh, which is a great little feature to have in a helmet with this summer weather ahead of us.

In today's field of motorsports, there really is not a bad product out there. With all these different brands competing with each other, it keeps each company on their toes and always looking for the next best technology or feature to better their products. However, as of today, these three products are ones that stand out to us and the ones we think anyone who is looking to look sharp whilst also maintaining good safety should purchase.

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