Focus: OneGripper Seat

An industry-leading seat cover

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Make: #1 Gripper

Model: MX/Enduro Seat

Recommended Price: €84.99 €67.99 (Save 10%).

Suitable For: The seat cover comes in one size: 900x400mm. Simply cut off excess material.


– Grip. Maximum grip in all conditions. A balance between too much and too little, which makes the rider sit better and prevents fatigue arms and provides more relaxed riding. Save energy until the end of the race.

– Waterproof. 100% waterproof, which prolongs the life span of the cushion by keeping the foam dry when riding. The seat is also incredibly easy to clean.

– Durability. A durable material mix creates a life span up to two to three times longer than standard and other covers on the market. No seams or other folds that usually crack.

– Energy. Through maximum grip, you save energy and last longer. Focus should be on driving instead of fatigue arms.

Comment: OneGripper™ is a revolutionary seat cover for motocross and enduro. The seat cover is tested by some of the world's best motocross and enduro riders. OneGripper has gone through some of the most extreme tests with this cover. OneGripper guarantees extreme grip in all weather, maximum durability, completely waterproof and supreme feel on the motorcycle. 

During our testing we found the seat to be simple to install and we were impressed with the comfort and grip right away! The grip is also consistent in changeable weather conditions, which is perfect for the unpredictable spring weather we are currently experiencing! We also liked how easy the seat is to clean, due to the lack of stitching that you would normally have on a traditional seat cover.

OneGripper provide a simple to follow instruction video on best to install the seat cover, which you can see here

Buy the OneGripper MX/Enduro Seat on 24MX and save 20%. Click here.

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