Focus: Shift WHIT3 Helmet

A look at a premium helmet

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Make: Shift

Model: WHIT3 Helmet

Suitable For: All ages and abilities

Recommended Price: €129.99 €84.99 (Save 35%).


– 10 intake vents.

– 4 exhaust vents.

– Unique visor design.

– Dual density EPS foam.

– Stainless steel D-ring chinstrap closure.

– Approved according to ECE 22.05 and DOT.

– Removable/ washable inner cheek pads and crown liner system.

Comment: The WHIT3 helmet is an aggressive and unique shell design from Shift. The injection moulded ABS/PC shell reduces weight whilst maintaining durability to ensure the helmet does what it needs do without being bulky, so it's ideal for the warmer track days!

Another reason this helmet is great for the summer is the way the design improves ventilation, which is handled through 10 vents allocated all around the helmet. We found that the first, and most prominent vent (in the chin guard) provided great breathability whilst riding and also helped air the sides and back of the head before warm air is exhausted through the vents at the back.  It really is one of the best vented helmets we've used in recent years, because the improved ventilation doesn't come at the expense of safety. The helmet still has dual density EPS internal foam for first class impact absorption.

Aerodynamics have also been considered with the visor design, which has larger gaps for improved air channeling. In conclusion, the Shift WHIT3 is a helmet we love! The stylish and aggressive design gives you more of what you need and less of what you don't need!

Buy the Shift WHIT3 Helmet on 24MX and SAVE 35%. Click here.

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