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Where can you actually ride?

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If riding a dirtbike has grabbed your interest and you are in a position to start a new hobby, there are undoubtedly a few questions that you need answered. Buying equipment is the first step and 24MX has everything that you need, which ensures that task is fairly simple, but where do you take your new bike and safety kit? There are obviously many options and jumping straight into a race may not be the ideal thing for you.

Fortunately, there are countless practice tracks dotted across Europe that will ensure that you can ride at your own pace and focus on refining your craft. The system at these venues is fairly relaxed: Turn up, pay your entry money and then hit the track in your designated session! Simple. That is actually one of the greatest perks of riding at a practice venue, as the riders are grouped by ability. Most tracks cater to all abilities with expert, intermediate and novice groups. That obviously removes some unwanted pressure. If this is really your first time riding a dirtbike, attempt to hit a hard-pack track. Sand can give the greatest riders trouble.

A drawback to practice days is that you will be on the track with up to forty riders at any one time and, even if those people are of a similar ability to you, things can get hectic at points. Is there a way around that? There are certain tracks that are open to private hires, but that costs a substantial amount and only makes financial sense if the price can be split between four or five friends. The benefits of doing that are that you have an entire venue to yourself and can even work on improving your skills in certain sections, so it is worth considering.

Coaching days also leave the door open for you to have a quiet day at the track and benefit from tips from a pro. Again, however, these can be costly and may not be beneficial until you have a couple of rides beneath your belt. The improvements that can be made off of the back of these will leave you in a spot to consider racing, which may sound daunting, but club races are really quite relaxed. Everyone is there for fun and no one has aspirations of becoming a world champion, so it is the perfect place to sink your teeth into competition!

Looping back to the beginning of this article, when you first acquire a motocross bike you may be wondering where you can actually go racing. However, based on the above, there are clearly many options that are tailored towards different abilities and needs. What is the next step? Hit the track and enjoy being addicted to an adrenaline-pumping hobby. 24MX will be there when you need some essentials.

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