Focus: 24MX Scissor Lift

The ultimate tool for mechanics

Buy the 24MX Motocross Scissor Lift. Click here.


Model: Motocross Scissor Lift

Average Review Rating: Five Stars

Recommended Price: €139.99 €89.99

Suitable For: Tech junkies of all ages, both amateur and professional. 

Features: The 24MX Motocross scissor lift is made of high-quality steel. To ensure that the lift is of an even higher quality, the steel has satin powder coating and that leads to greater durability. The bottom part can be easily adjusted to fit most dirtbikes and road bikes. It can handle a weight of up to 150kg, which is obviously an extremely important trait. A hook and safety bar are also included to ensure that the bike stays where it should be. Again, something that is extremely important with the 24MX Motocross Scissor Lift. The lift weighs 26kg and is therefore easy to transport to and from the track.

Comment: It is safe to assume that every aspiring mechanic dreams of having a scissor lift like the one above. A product such as the 24MX Motocross Scissor Lift simply screams professionalism! Even the average weekend warrior, who is in this purely for fun, needs to work on their motorcycle, so why not make that easier and have easy access to all parts? The fact that this product is compact when collapsed also ensures that it is easy to transport to the track, so it can replace your regular stand. The number of purposes that this product can serve is incredible.

Professional mechanics, who spend time travelling across the globe, can benefit from the 24MX Motocross Scissor Lift. Trying to start a new maintenance business from your garage? This will ensure that you can take on more business and complete more tasks. There are so many boxes that are ticked by the scissor lift and therefore it is worth considering the discounted price of €89.99. Purchasing the product at that price would lead to free shipping and then you would also be eligible for the sixty-day guarantee.

Buy the 24MX Motocross Scissor Lift. Click here.

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