Top Tips: Your New Bike

Preparing your brand-new bike!

· 2 minutes read

Getting a new bike is probably one of the best and most exciting feelings for any dirt-bike enthusiast. It’s common to get carried away and not do the things that are necessary before bringing it out to the track. To make sure that your bike has a long life span, it starts from day one. You invested a lot of money into this baby. Make sure you treat it like one! We have compiled a list of some must-do items.

1. Grease

Grease the linkages and the steering stem. Of all the things missed either at the factory or dealer, un-greased linkages probably rank at number one. Whatever the reason (probably just a pain) you don't want to head out with any bearings that are not lubricated. Take a few minutes to double check and while there it doesn't hurt to add a smudge or two of grease.

2. Check Bolts

All the jostling around from the factory to the dealer and then to home helps loosen bolts as much as a thirty-minute moto. Grab your torque wrench and spend five minutes adjusting all the fittings to spec!

3. Fluids

You probably won't find an empty radiator, but maybe it’ll be a bit low? Probably. That goes for the oil and brake fluid too. Like we said, dealers won't spend the time or money ensuring every bike has adequate fluid levels. Your bike, your job. If the factory ran a bit low the day your bike was created, make sure all vital parts don't run thirsty.

4. Air Filter

Yes, it's there, but is it oiled? That's the bigger question. Check to ensure the air filter holds a thorough coating of air-filter oil, because you might find it completely dry or lacking in oil. Look for bare spots and a general feeling of tackiness all over. If it makes you feel better add some oil to your liking, but don't overdo it.

5. Final Adjustments

Of all the boxes to mark on the pre-ride check list, making necessary adjustments probably needs no introduction. As soon as you sit down and grab the grips you'll know whether the set-up works for your riding style. Adjust the handlebars and levers to your liking, then go ride!

This is just a short checklist to go through before you hit the track. It’s okay to be excited about your new purchase, but you don’t want that to be ruined by not being properly prepared. Make your investment worth it. Always take care of your dirt bike!

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