Top Five: Improvements

Helping you to make gains

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Have you reached a plateau? Have you been heading to the track on race day and seeing similar results, not able to take it to the next level? It may be time for some upgrades! You might be the best rider on the track, but without a bike that is running at the same performance, or better, than your competition you will be left in the dust. Here are some ways to upgrade your bike for the next race and get yourself to that next level!

– Suspension: One of the best upgrades you can make to your bike is changing out the suspension. Though this isn't the cheapest upgrade, it will save your arms and shoulders. It will also help you with jumps and race through whoops quicker and smoother. Replacing your suspension can be tricky, so if you are not skilled with making repairs yourself then we recommend hiring a mechanic.

– Sprockets: Just as important as upgrading your suspension is your sprockets. There are two different sprocket set-ups to look into when upgrading and what you choose depends on what you are looking to improve on your bike. If you are looking for more bottom-end, choose a bigger rear sprocket and a smaller front sprocket. Vice versa a smaller rear sprocket and a large front sprocket will increase your top speed. It's your choice!

– Exhaust: This upgrade serves as a functional and also style upgrade. The importance of upgrading your exhaust can affect your low, mid and top-range power. Stock exhaust pipes are heavier than an upgraded pipe, shedding the extra pounds will increase your quickness off the gate and could bump you up a spot or two. Remember, look good and then feel good! Upgraded pipes give your bike a little more style than your stock parts. Style never hurt anyone.

– Carb Tuning: If increasing your power is the upgrade you are looking for, then the carb is where to look. Adjusting the carb will affect how much air and fuel get to the engine. Check your owner's manual for tips on how to adjust. Riding often and opening it up will also keep the floats and accelerator pump working smoothly. Go ride!

– Yourself: Yes, buying upgraded parts will take you to the next level. Don't think that will be enough though. Spending as much time at the track, working on weaknesses and learning all of the subtle nuances of your bike, is key to upgrading your overall ability to win races.

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