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The United Kingdom, where motocross first originated, is home to some of the greatest motocross track in the world. Whilst some may have been lost over time, we thought we would feature our picks for the best motocross tracks in the UK right now!

Hawkstone Park (Shrewsbury)

Track Conditions: Deep, loamy sand.

Most Iconic Feature: The Hawkstone Hill. A steep incline and drop off that tests even the best riders due to its unpredictable sandstone surface at the top of the hill.

Address: Shrewsbury. SY4 4NA.

Opening Hours: The circuit is classed as private property and is not open for general practice. The circuit only stages a handful of race meetings per year, usually run by Salop Motor Club.

Hawkstone Park was the home of the British Grand Prix from the 1950s right through to the 90s and was immortalised in photographic history in 1984 when five-time FIM Motocross World Champion Georges Jobe leaped over Belgian Andre Malherbe through the bomb hole.

Whilst the bomb hole section of the track has since changed, a large part of the track remains the same and the 1.8 mile long track still attracts the best riders every February for the pre-season Hawkstone International where the likes of world champion Jeffrey Herlings battle against the best riders in Britain. The event is seen as the curtain-opener to the season, with crowds of over 10,000 regularly attending.

Hawkstone Park also stages number of amautur and historic race meetings throughout the year along with the domestic championships such as the ACU British Motocross Championships and the British Youth Championship.

Matterley Basin (Winchester)

Track Conditions: Hard-pack.

Most Iconic Feature: The uphill quad.

Address: Winchester. SO21 1HW.

Opening Hours: The circuit is classed as private property and is not open for general practice. For 95% of the year the event site continues it's life as a working farm. It is only for a short period around the event weekend that a dedicated team work to transform a plain field into a venue suitable of hosting the biggest motocross event in the world.

The Matterley Basin circuit is well renowned for being a staple of the FIM World Motocross Championship calendar. After being originally designed in 2006 for the Motocross of Nations and British GP by one of the most respected track designers, Johnny Douglas-Hamilton, it was the scene of one of the most memorable overtakes in Motocross of Nations history, when Stefan Everts passed James Stewart around the outside! One of the reasons Matterley always features high on fan's list of favourite tracks is its unrivalled panoramic views. There aren't many circuits where you have 95% visibility of the whole race

Canada Heights (Swanley)

Track Conditions: Sand and hard-pack.

Most Iconic Feature: The tight and technical nature of the track.

Address: Swanley. BR8 8DX.

Opening Hours: The track holds a number of events throughout the year, all of which can be seen on this link.

The track acquired its name during the First World War when a large group of Canadian troops were stationed there due to its high ground.  The track has been a regular feature on the domestic racing scene in the UK since 1948 and still features on the British Motocross Championship schedule today. The track is tough to master due to its changing conditions, it features sand at the bottom of the hill and hard-pack at the top making bike set-up difficult.

Despite its popularity and regular use by riders and spectators alike, it still remained just a rough piece of land for motorcycling until 1985 when the Sidcup Club brought it and began to make improvements. In more recent years, the land has been dramatically improved with better access and a newer section of track at the top of the hill.

FatCat Moto Parc (Doncaster)

Track Conditions: Deep sand.

Most Iconic Feature: The UK’s largest moto park that is open throughout the year!

Address: Doncaster. DN3 3EH.

Opening Hours: Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Fat Cat Moto Parc is a relatively new track having first started a little over ten years ago, but in that time it has built itself into one of the top practice facilities in the UK due to its deep sand. That means it remains open even in the depths of winter when many other tracks have to close. In more recent years the track have opened a café and WP suspension workshop so it really does offer everything you need for a solid day on the bike. The facility comprises of two tracks which are open on a regular basis for practice, whilst the race track is used for larger events such as the Maxxis British Championships and MX Nationals.

Mildenhall MX (Bury St. Edmunds)

Track Conditions: Loamy sand.

Most Iconic Feature: Mount Mildenhall.

Address: Bury St Edmunds. IP28 8QL.

Opening Hours: Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Mildenhall MX has always been popular amongst the MX fraternity, but it recently undertook a complete overhaul by MXGP track builders Justin Barclay and Alfie Smith and now offers a technical and challenging track suitable for riders of all levels.  Off the start there is now a new talladega turn that provides great action on race days and the new Mount Mildenhall is an intimidating, yet rewarding feature the first time you ride it!

Mildenhall operates grouped sessions for children and adults every week and has full amenities like toilets, showers, a canteen and jet-wash facilities.

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