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Stay hydrated in the summer

Buy the 24MX 2.5L Hydration System. Click here.

Summer is just around the corner and, as the weather gets warmer, the need to stay hydrated becomes more important!  Staying hydrated can often be difficult when you are on long excursions in the field or during hard training sessions, but we have got you covered with the 24MX hydration system!

Make: 24MX

Model: 2.5l Hydration System.

Recommended Price: €34.99 €29.99 (Save 14%).

Available in Colours: Black and Red.

Size: Length x Width = 40cm x 30cm (outer measurement). Capacity = 2.5 litres.


– ONE Size fits all.

– Holds 2.5 litres of water.

– Fully adjustable.

– Smooth mouthpiece of silicone with an angled nozzle to allow access under the helmet.

– Two handy pockets

– High quality bladder (we recommend that this is washed out properly and changed regularly)

Suitable For: This hydration system has been specifically developed for those who want to rehydrate on the move.

Comment: In addition to space for a 2.5l hydration bladder for water or sports drink, the 24MX Hydration System offers two handy compartments for your mobile phone and keys. You'll always have everything that is needed at hand. The integrated hydration bladder is also simple to remove and clean, which takes the stress out of that post-ride clean up!

Thanks to the flat-cut profile and the many adjustment options, this model fits all riders and can be worn comfortably over the protective clothing. The straps are provided with velcro ensuring it sits close to the body and securely on the back, offering maximum freedom of movement and comfort without slipping. With the angled silicone mouthpiece, which can be attached to the helmet, you can drink without problems and without taking your hands off the handlebars.

Thanks to its low weight and easy handling, the concentration can be fully focused on the ride. That makes the 24MX Hydration System the perfect product for your long summer rides!

Buy the 24MX 2.5L Hydration System. Click here.

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