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Choice is a good thing, but when it comes to motocross tyres it can also cause confusion! Here we break down the a selection of the best tyres on the market for every track condition, so you know what to equip your bike with before you head out on track.

Soft Surfaces (Sand)

Michelin Starcross 5 Sand Rear Tyre: €114.99 €74.99 (Save 35%).

The Michelin StarCross 5 is a new and revolutionary tyre from Michelin. It is 15% more lightweight than previous models, thanks to the use of new higher density rubber compound. The blocks have become more flexible, because of this, and thus provide much better grip, which means that you can lean even deeper into the curves, without loss of traction or durability. Another big advantage with more flexible rubber compound is that you can have a higher tyre pressure with the same comfort. This minimises the risk of getting a flat tyre or damage on the rim, making the Michelin Starcross 5 Sand Tyre one of the best sand tyres you can buy.

Pirelli Scorpion MX Soft Tyre: €162.98 €108.99 (Save 33%).

Rear tyre with blade arrangement of blocks and high traction in extreme conditions of softness. Directionality and stability for constant maintenance of the set trajectory. Double-layer compound that prompts maximum resistance to heat and dynamic stresses. Reliability of performance lap after lap during races.

Pirelli Scorpion MX32 MidSoft: €97.98 €79.99 (Save 18%).

The Pirelli Scorpion MX32 is designed for maximum grip on soft to medium-soft surfaces. This tyre is most suitable for riding on mud, sandy soil, grass and gravel. It will also work on hard-pack ground as well though. If you are looking for a high-performance versatile tyre, then this is a great one to go for. The front tyre, with its blade arrangement of side knobs, is optimised for contact with the ground to provide consistent grip on unpredictable surfaces. The rear tyre, meanwhile, provides larger central blocks for reinforced, high traction braking stability in all conditions.

All-Round (Intermediate) Tyres

Pirelli Scorpion MX Extra X/J: €97.98 €75.99 (Save 22%).

The tread pattern on the MX Scorpion range from Pirelli has been optimised to increase traction and grip on a vast range of intermediate surfaces.  The tyre is formed with a simple layer compound, thereby providing maximum resistance to cutting and laceration on rough terrain so you can be sure the Pirelli Scorpion will be long lasting and reliable over time. Wider spacing between blocks provide a V arrangement, which ensures adaptability on soft and slippery surfaces.

Dunlop Geomax MX-3S: €184.98 €143.99 (Save 24%).

The Dunlop Geomax range carry a number of innovative technologies aimed at providing a more consistent ride and better cornering.  First we have larger centre blocks on the front tyre, providing higher traction out of the start gate, then we have  Progressive Cornering Block Technology (PCBT), which is Dunlop's new patented technology that increases block flexibility to achieve greater slide control. When partnered with twin edges, it delivers tightened cornering grip. That's basically what all of that jargon means! Lastly, more consistent and controlled line-holding is achieved through CTCS carcass technology. That controls casing stress distribution, optimising the tension in different areas, resulting in more consistent straight-line traction and better feedback.

Razorback Feral Rear Tyre: €54.99 €9.99 (Save 82%).

Razorback are a brand that offer incredible value for money! Their Feral tyre is a great all-round tyre for any surface. The rubber blend is really durable and the build quality is stunning. The optimum distance between the studs provides an excellent grip in both clay and hard-packed soil, while the strategically calculated patterns provide consistent traction throughout the corner. Here you simply get the right tyre for your money!

Hard Surfaces

Dunlop Geomax MX52: €184.98 €138.99 (Save 25%).

The new Dunlop MX52 Geomax is developed to perfection for medium-hard terrain surfaces. The front tyre is updated from the MX32 range with a block design with directional pattern, whilst the rear tyre has new side blocks and middle blocks that provide excellent stability and even more wear on hard surface, with anti-rebound rubber for better cushioning.

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