Top Tips: Practicing

Productive days of practice

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Maybe you have just purchased your first dirtbike or been riding for a long time. It is inevitable that, at some point, we all want to know what it feels like to race and hopefully win. Before you run out to the track, sign up for a race and line up on the gate we have compiled a few practice tips to help guide you in preparation for race day!

Holeshot: The beginning of the race! It's important to get off to a good start to earn a good position for the rest of the race, as get a bad start and you'll have to work your way through the pack to cross the finish line in first. Spend practice time at the gate working on your reflexes to get the best start possible at your next race.

Jumps: Who doesn't want to practice jumps? For many of us this is what we like to do the most and finding practice time to work on jumps will be a walk in the park. Learning how to jump, landing upright and landing with both tires at the same time will increase your time from air to ground to throttle so you can race to the next jump faster than your opponent.

– Corners: Learning how to corner may be what propels you to win a race or lose it. Understanding how much speed to carry into a turn, when to break, throttle and your position on the bike will help you get an edge during the race.

– Rollers: Similar to whoops, but with less of a peak and they cover a larger area of ground that can be tricky if you are not accustomed to going through them. Practice time will give you more confidence coming out of turns and going through a section of rollers.

– Study the Track: On race day, a key to winning the race is your preparation. Having a good meal, getting to the track early and mentally preparing yourself is all a part of it. We recommend, before getting on your bike, to spend time walking the track. See how the track feels, how the dirt looks, where the ruts are beginning and pick spots that you think is the best place to be aggressive.

The mental aspect of racing is just as important as all the practice and physical preparation. On race day be smart, spend time getting your gear ready and know it's a long race and you don't win it on the first lap. If you spent the time on the practice track, results will come!

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