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Get prepared to begin riding

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If you want to ride fast, and ride fast for a long time, safety gear is the most important thing you can invest in to prolong your riding career. It goes without saying that riding a dirtbike is dangerous and you are most likely going to crash one day, so we compiled a list of the safety gear that we recommend you strap on before hopping on your bike and hit track and/or trail.

Helmet: First and foremost is the helmet. Always put one on! No matter if you are doing a test ride or on the track, wear a helmet whenever you are on your bike. The helmet you choose should always be a full-face helmet to protect your face, teeth and jaw if you happen to go over the handlebars. Depending on your price range, helmets have many different features to choose from when shopping. These include ventilation, materials, field of vision and looks. These all depend on personal preference and we recommend trying them on before purchasing.

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Goggles: If you like to see, and want to see for a long time, goggles are very important. They protect your eyes from all of the debris you will encounter during a ride: Dirt, bugs, dust, water and other random items. Just as helmets have a lot of different parts, goggles do as well. When shopping for a pair check out the differences in size, ventilation, foam comfort and lenses.

Boots: Another essential item to the gear list. The importance of wearing a proper pair of boots cannot be understated. They will protect your lower leg, ankle and foot from injuries. Getting tangled up with other riders, twisting your ankle or getting your foot caught in a rut are all dangers and, without boots on, you could experience a severe injury. When looking into boots make sure you find the correct fit for yourself. Having the correct fit will keep your foot safe and also give you more control when you are on the bike. Another key feature to pay attention to is the weight of the boots. You will be wearing a lot of gear, which can lead to fatigue quickly, finding a lighter pair of boots will help you ride longer with less fatigue.

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Neck Brace: Becoming more and more common within the last few years. Though it is not required, a good neck brace will protect your spinal cord from any serious injuries from a fall. A few attributes to consider when looking into a dirtbike is the amount of head restriction, amount of adjustment able to be made and the weight.

– Gloves, Pants and Shirt: Wearing these three pieces of gear is important to protect your skin from abrasions when falling on dirt, branches and debris. Dirtbike companies create the gear to be performance driven and, if you are riding in warmer climates, look to buy gear that allows more air to get through to stay cool and vice versa for colder climates. These items protect you from falls and also give you more comfort than wearing jeans and a t-shirt. It also gives you protection from the sun.

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