Top Five: Easy To Forget

Five things to never forget

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There are obviously many parts and separate pieces of equipment that one needs when committing to motocross. From air filters to helmets, there are plenty of things to remember. It is safe for one to assume that no one is going to forget that they need a helmet or boots, for instance, but there are some smaller items that tend to slip the minds of the most experienced riders. Fear not though! Here is a handy list of things that will serve you for years to come.

Tie Downs

There are probably some people out there who are not even aware of what tie downs are, hence why it has made it to the top of the list! These are effectively used to secure bikes, or any items really, in a van or whatever vehicle is used to get to and from the track. These tie downs cost a measly €29.99 (£29.99) and could save thousands of pounds in the long run. It is a no-brainer! It is even worth buying two lots of them in some cases, seeing as most tend to leave the product laying around at home. Leave one set of tie downs in the garage as a spare and then another in the van, so that they are there when needed. It is a full-proof method!

Exhaust Plug

Many of the benefits that were referenced when discussing the tie-down straps above also apply to the exhaust plugs. What even is that? It is a rubber plug that goes into the end of the silencer when cleaning a bike, so effectively it stops water from entering the internals and getting where it shouldn't do. Again, this product that costs just €5.19 (£4.99) could save thousands of pounds in repairs down the line. It is so easy to forget though! Once again then, bearing that in mind, purchasing multiple plugs is a wise move. Get ahead of the game!

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Loading Ramp

A product that is aimed at convenience rather than being cost effective. Lifting a bike into a van can be a painful and tiring experience. Fact. It is just plain hard at the start of the day, let alone at the end when the bike is caked in mud and the rider is exhausted. What is a solution to that problem? A loading ramp. A loading ramp is especially effective for those who travel to the races alone, as it just ensures that there won't be a need for a helping hand. It is often to think about all of these scenarios when planning a day at the track.

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Folding Table

A camping table is another item that seems obvious, but is so forgettable. Once the benefits are outlaid though it really becomes obvious why such a product is needed. Having a folding table, which costs just €49.99 (£49.99), makes the entire day so convenient that it is unbelievable. Need a place to prepare goggles? Done. Need a place to lay all of necessary products that are needed out? Done. Need a place to eat? Done. Need a place to keep stuff clean, rather than leaving it on the floor in a muddy field? Done. The possibilities are endless and, once used for the first time, it is difficult to imagine a scenario in which one goes racing without it.

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24MX Race Tents

The ultimate tool that serves in a convenient and cost-effective manner. It's going to rain at a track. It may not be this weekend and it may not be the next, but it's going to happen. Fact! Be prepared for that day by having a 24MX race tent in your van at all times. That'll keep all equipment dry, therefore stopping any water damage and significant costs, and repel sun on hot days too. There are so many positives! The tent and folding table go together extremely well.

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