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Motocross injuries are a part of the sport, but what are the most common ones? What are the best ways to prevent them? We put together a list and prevention steps that will not only help you, but protect you. We all know motocross is a dangerous sport, so it is not a surprise that injuries come too. The five most common injuries are ankle sprains, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, broken collarbones, broken or sprained wrists and rotator cuff tears and other shoulder injuries.

Motocross crashes happen often, so it is so important to wear the proper and properly fitted equipment that is there to protect you from severe injuries to the best of its abilities.


– You want to make sure you are wearing motocross gear that is covering your whole body. That means long pants and long sleeves, made of durable material. Buy motocross gear by clicking here.

– Knee pads and knee braces are meant to help reduce and avoid ligament injuries. Buy knee protection by clicking here.

– Body armour and chest protectors are sometimes uncomfortable, but they offer an extra layer of coverage. With so many shapes, colours and sizes, you can find the one that works best for you. Buy chest protectors by clicking here.

– Googles are an important staple to racing gear. Make sure you are wearing shatterproof googles to shield your eyes during a fall, crash or flying debris. Buy goggles by clicking here.

– Boots are there to protect your legs and feet. They need to fit properly, because you are also using them to control your bike. Boots are necessary when riding a dirtbike. Buy boots by clicking here.


– Check your equipment.

– Walk the track and know the course before you race.

– Always stretch!

– Bring a friend or family member just in case there is an emergency.

– Inspect your dirtbike to make sure all the parts are where they need to be and up-to-date prior to racing.


It's normal to be scared when you crash, but practicing and learning how to make sure you are safe even after the crash is also important. Sometimes it is how people react to their motorcycle crash that causes them injuries or further injuries.

The most important thing is to pull off or get to the side of the track as fast as you can. If you are seriously injured, you should stay in place and wait for help. If you and your team have a signal for assistance, make sure you do that as soon as possible.

Crashes in motocross are inevitable but if you are smart about your racing then you also need to be smart about your crashing. Practicing safe racing and safe race procedures will allow to continue to have fun doing what you love and spend less time on preventable injuries.

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