Reviewed: 24MX Race Tent

Trying the ultimate race tent

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Buy the 24MX pop-up tent. Click here.

If you have been to any motocross meetings in the past three years or so, you would have almost certainly seen a 24MX pop-up tent somewhere around the paddock. I went to the British MXGP in March 2019 and I myself counted fifteen of them without even having a proper look! There is a reason that there are so many of these scattered around, which I will highlight below. 

First off, the set-up: I have put up many pop-up tents over the years and I am sure many of you reading this will have too. It seems once you have put one up you have put them all up and this one is no exception, which is not a bad thing. I mean why fix what is not broken? It is a simple procedure to erect the tent. Four buttons on either corner at the top to hold the roof up and the four on either leg to adjust the height and level. It is as simple as that.

When the tent is down it is relatively lightweight compared to others on the market, which makes it easier to transport around and it is possible to put the tent up on your own. I think that is a BIG plus! The tent is 3×3, which is a decent size to get a bike and a work station under without it being too crowded, and the roof and all sides are waterproof, so that will shield you from any weather and also keep the sun out on that one hot British summer day, which could come between March and October. I only got round to putting three sides up, but it was an easy job. 

There is one thing that separates this tent from its competitors and the main reason why there are so many around the paddocks: The price. It retails at £169.99 without sides and £229.99 with sides, which itself is cheaper than most on the market, but at the moment they are selling for £59.99 without sides and £79.99 with sides, which is unbelievably cheap. For that price it is criminal not to get one!

All-in-all there is nothing bad to say about the easy up and it is easy to see why they are all over the racing scene from schoolboy races to GPs. Act fast and purchase one, for that unbelievable price, on the link below!

Buy the 24MX pop-up tent. Click here.

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