Focus: ProWorks Loading Ramp

Making your life a lot easier

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Make: ProWorks

Model: ProWorks Foldable Loading Ramp

Recommended Price: EUR 99.99 79.99

Available in Colours: Black, blue, red, orange, yellow, green and pink.

Size: 180cm x 28cm

Features: A 180cm long foldable aluminium loading ramp with rubberised protection.

Suitable For: Riders of all ages, who tackle all kinds of disciplines. Even non-riders reap the benefits of this loading ramp!

Comment: 24MX are one of the only online stores that can offer loading ramps in such a wide variety of colours! It is unprecedented to see such a large range when it comes to this particular product. Every single rider, from world champions to weekend warriors, have experienced the struggle of trying to load a bike into a particular big van. The ProWorks Loading Ramp makes that so much easier. Not just for the rider, but for family and friends who have tagged along for the ride as well.

Once someone has used a loading ramp for the first time, as opposed to simply lifting a bike into the van, then they never go back. Are you concerned about the extra weight that this will add when loading your van for a weekend of riding? The ramp weights only 5.6kg. Every single aspect of routines that most riders have was considered when creating this ProWorks Loading Ramp.

Buy a ProWorks Loading Ramp on 24MX! Click here.

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