Reviewed: Twenty Fuel Jug

Insight on the 20L can

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The fellas at 24MX were kind enough to send out a Twenty Rapid Fuel Jug for me to try. This, however, does not mean I will be biased in this review. First things first… 20L is a good size can, hence the reason most ones on the market are that size. This jug does also fit well in the under side of most stands excluding the fold up ones, which makes loading/packing the van a lot easier if your tight for space.

The can itself comes in three colours (orange, red, white). I used the white one and it was more clear than white, which personally I think is better. The can has two handles on opposite sides to lift up and hold when moving or pouring. The first thing that I noticed was how difficult it was to get a full 20L can up above the bike and tipped completely upside down, as I'm not the strongest person in the paddock, yet once it was in that necessary position pouring fuel transformed into a dream. It was easy to put the tank in and get fuel out. The fuel can works by putting the end in your tank and pushing down, this releases the o-ring seal and the fuel spurts out from all sides of the nozzle.

It is an all-round good can and there are no issues with it leaking during transport, as it is very sturdy and durable. Also you don't have to put the can in your bike to get the fuel out, you can pour it in to a funnel jug and use that. I think it's all down to personal preference, but for £22.99 it is still a very cheap fuel can. It's almost crazy not to buy one!

Buy the Twenty Rapid Fuel Jug on 24MX.Click here.

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