Reviewed: 24MX Socks

Spotlight on Race-Long Socks

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Great base-layers are just as important as having good kit, right? This week we tested out the 24MX Race-Long Socks. The main reason you would use the socks is to avoid chafing from your knee pads underneath your kit and the great thing about these is they have a silicone band around the top of the sock. That prevents slipping whilst riding, which is a huge positive over most other socks we have tried!  

These socks have some great features: A reinforced foot and toe material to prevent wear and tear, an upper leg that is made from material that wicks away moisture whilst riding that provides extra comfort as well as keeping you cool and so much more! These socks are a must have for your kit bag, that much was clear after testing, and the great thing about them is also the price tag!

Buy 24MX Race-Long Socks. Click here. 

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