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Protecting your helmet

Buy the 24MX Stripes Helmet Bag on 24MX. Click here.

Just as helmets are the obligatory protection for the most important part of the body – the head – in motocross and enduro riding, the helmet itself needs a certain amount of protection as well.  What is more annoying than getting that expensive helmet dirty and scratched before you even got on the bike?

Make: 24MX

Model: Stripes Helmet Bag

Recommended Price: EUR 34.99 15.99 (Save 54%).

Available in Colours: Black, white and red.

Size: Universal size, to fit all standard helmet sizes.

Features: The 24MX Stripes Helmet Bag offers good protection, thanks to the durable materials and through the ventilation by means of mesh inserts. The helmet does not sweat even when packed.

Suitable For: The rider who cares about their helmet and wants to ensure it is transported safely to and from the track!

Comment: Keep your helmet cool, fresh and intact with a ventilated 24MX Helmet Bag! It is very important to be careful of your helmet and not to subject it to fierce bumps. If your helmet gets a strong bang this is all it takes to lose its original level of protection and thus its function. The 24MX Helmet Bag features ventilation holes and ventilated PVC logos, to ensure that moisture is not locked inside the bag and the helmet stays fresh.

A helmet bag is a perfect investment that facilitates safe and shock free transportation to and from the track. The carrying handles allow you to carry the helmet easily and safely, even though you may drag a heavy gear bag at the same time! In addition, the helmet bag protects the helmet from dull scratches! The bag fits all helmet sizes also!

Buy the 24MX Stripes Helmet Bag on 24MX. Click here.

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