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Buy the Twenty Flex Brake and Clutch Lever Kit on 24MX. Click here.

The handlebars and its attachments play an important role in the interaction of rider and machine. It is no secret that a confident and safe position on the bike allows a more relaxed riding and thus top results. Therefore, it is important to adapt the ergonomics of your machine to your individual needs and to install products that you can rely on. With that in mind you can imagine that broken brake and clutch levers as a result of a crash or collision are a real nightmare.

The Twenty Flex range have long been a bestseller on 24MX and now they are offered as a kit!

Make: Twenty

Model: Flex Brake and Clutch Lever Set

Recommended Price: EUR 78.99 

Available in Colours: Red, black, blue, yellow and orange.

Size: One size fits all

Features:  Sealed chrome steel bearings and strong spring. Made from 6061 Aluminium.

Suitable For: Easily adaptable so you can set the distance between the brake lever and the handlebar to suit all riding styles and hands.

Comment: The unbreakable, well-engineered Flex levers from Twenty are an optimal alternative! Thanks to the flexible joints, they pry out in the event of an accident rather than break off directly or bend, ensuring your day isn't ruined if you have a little ‘off' whilst riding. The distance between lever and handlebar can be adjusted individually, which ensures an optimal grip distance. Thanks to the high-quality 6061 aluminum, the sealed chrome-steel ball bearings and strong special springs you get a real quality product for a superb price!

On top of all this, 24MX gives you one year warranty on the levers. The Flex brake and clutch levers are rightly bestsellers at 24MX and can be ordered conveniently as a set in various colors.

Buy the Twenty Flex Brake and Clutch Lever Kit on 24MX. Click here.

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