Focus: Atlas Air Brace

A neck brace everyone needs

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Make: Atlas

Model: Atlas Air Neck Protector Red

Recommended Price: EUR 291.90 227.99 (22% off now).

Available in Colours: Red.

Features: The Atlas Air model is one of the most popular neck braces on the market currently, chosen by professional athletes like Ryan Villopoto and Evgeny Bobryshev. Jason Anderson used it en route to his Monster Energy Supercross title. The features that attract such great riders are an easy-open system, which makes it easy to remove the brace and take it off. Think of the endless possibilities with that! The Atlas Air is anatomically optimised for the best-possible fit too, therefore minimising the risk of injury. All good things! 

Design: The Atlas Air is yet another sign that neck-brace technology is progressing at an outstanding rate. Having the latest in neck protection can only be positive for every single rider worldwide. The design includes a contact surface that is twenty-seven percent larger than other braces on the market. It is also made in a flexible form for maximum comfort and there is 30mm of cushioning on the chest that reduces injuries too. Good stuff! Put simply: Lightweight, sleek and comfortable are three ways to describe the Atlas Air.

Suitable For: Riders of all levels competing in all disciplines. It doesn't matter where you are riding your motorcycles, you need to take the necessary steps to ensure that you are protected. Atlas have countless braces on the market that suits riders of all ages. The Atlas Tyke is designed specifically for kids.

Comment: It is almost irrelevant adding a comment to the bottom of this feature. All of the facts above give enough of a reason to purchase the Atlas Air brace. Add in the fact that one can get twenty-two percent off of the price currently and it is a no brainer!

Buy the Atlas Air Neck Protector Red on 24MX! Click here.

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